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Vibrant Living Calendar of Events

Vibrant Living Institute online events calendar

Use this calendar to keep up-to-date on where and how to share a yoga or lifestyle wellness expereince with Sarah Townson, Your Vibrant Living Coach from eONE Yoga and the Vibrant Living Institute.

Find out where the latest Yoga & Lifestyle Wellness classes, workshops and retreats are being held online or at a studio, wellness centre, home or office near you.  You'll learn to use leading edge scientific and experientially based practices that, when applied consistently, create a foundation for health, wealth and happiness to flourish. 

Got Ideas for Vibrant Living Events?  Are you looking to gain an understanding of key practices that if used daily allow health, wealth and happiness to flourish.

REMEMBER:  Membership has its privileges.  Our members can post comments and make suggestions for classes, workshops and retreats so become a free member today to have your say and help us create the Virbrant Living Community of Your Dreams! Contact Sarah

eONE Yoga offers yoga and lifestlyle wellness programs and workshops to women and their Families of all ages.  With a focus on vitality and creating vibrant living through education, empowerment and action - eONE Yoga helps you experience greater freedom, success and personal happiness today.

We offer private, semi-private and group yoga and lifestyle wellness sessions, workshops and retreats focused on bringing you greater health, wealth and happiness.    

Contact us to register or find out more today!  I look forward to seeing well, be fabulous!

Namaste Sarah Townson, Your Vibrant Living Coach

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