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Quotes Wow, I don't know what to say. I had no idea that my private session with Sarah would include a psychic reading!! I was amazed at the information she brought to the surface. I wasn't prepared to experience all of those emotions but Sarah made me feel safe to be vulnerable and she has such a natural way of guiding you through your experience. I highly recommend working with Sarah. Quotes
Yvonne B.
Durham Region

Quotes Intuitive energy coaching with Sarah is! I didn't know what to expect but knew I needed to try something as I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck and just plain out of sorts without really knowing why. Sarah made me feel instantly at ease. She also taught me tools to access my feelings and manage my energy and emotions in a way that I can use everyday that have really had an impact on how I relate with others. Feeling stuck in life, see Sarah she can help! Quotes
Donna W.
Durham-Clarington Region

Quotes You're an amazing healer. I am happy to write a review. I use your tools! The Wellness button we put in place is my go to. I look forward to continuing my session with you. Quotes
Roxanne T.

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you. You have helped me more in one session than all the talk therapy I've done. I use and teach others the tools you taught me. I am truly grateful for all you have helped me accomplish. Quotes
Durham Region, Youth Social Worker

Quotes Sarah has been my number one source of inspiration the past few months. Her instructing in yoga class has been fantastic. Her teachings are positive, useful and realistic for modern professionals, moms, and all in between. Her energy work on me made some deep observations. Overall, Sarah has helped to coach me with practices, techniques and general life hacks that have improved my outlook on life immensely in a short period of time. I truly look forward to remaining connected with Sarah and will be first on the list for her next workshop! Quotes
Dani S.

Quotes I've found what I'm looking for in an all round mind-body-spirit yoga instructor - thanks to you Sarah! Our mental well-being is just as important as our physical health and your classes provide opportunity to develop both. You provide demonstration, hands-on assistance, guidance and encouragement during your classes. You suggest modifications based on our differences and abilities. I really like that you offer additional techniques such as self-healing reiki and tapping. I found tapping to be a wonderful tool that I took home and was able to use the next day after just learning it! Can't wait for my next class! Quotes

Quotes Sarah I just can't say enough. You have been a life saver - truly an angel. Your energy was always there to support and encourage me - your one-on-one nutritional and transitional coaching, breathing and movement exercises and healing hands gave me the drive to keep going through illness and the challenges that I had to face and even with all the changes that this year has brought I am feeling better and better and I have you to thank. I would recommend you to anyone or any family who is caring for their loved one and your knowledge and patience in explaining what was to come with a transition to long term care really made it easy for me to adjust and find my feet in my new surroundings. I am so very grateful. Quotes
Edith W.
Retired Dietician

Quotes Great class Tuesday night! It really helped revive my energy, brought me back from the dead. It provided me with a relaxing tone for the following day, allowing me to conduct business with a calm demeanour. It was just what I needed - Thanks! Quotes
Elizabeth H.

Quotes We had a boy! I used my yoga mat and ball and had a great labour. Thanks for all of your support, sensitivity and encouragement and for helping me connect with my baby in such an enlightened way. Your class was truly a blessing! Quotes
Julia S.
Over the Moon Mommy!

Quotes Although we were hoping for a home birth I did end up going to the hospital for pain and used the laughing gas while waiting for and epidural however it ended up being to late for the epidural and I found out after that the midwife didn't realize she needed to turn the gas on so I ended up doing it naturally! I had a great experience and both baby and I are doing GREAT! I wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher, your classes really helped me make the mental and emotional transition into mommy hood! Best of luck for your move and if you are ever back teaching in Durham region please let me know. Quotes
Jessica P.
Empowered by My Strength!
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