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Quotes I can't say enough about how much you have helped me. I'm so much better than I was and I owe it to all of your loving care. The massages, reiki treatments and yoga therapy (breathing and stretching) really made the difference in helping me deal with pain and for getting me off my back and back on my feet. Thanks so much, I look forward to my next session and would recommend you to anyone recovering from an illness or fall. Keep up the wonderful work. Sincerely, Quotes
Edith W., Oshawa
99 and counting

Quotes I enjoyed the confidence and positivity that Sarah exuded as she instructed the prenatal yoga class. I felt a real sense of peace and calm during the class and this feeling stayed with me for hours after. During hectic or frustrating times in my day, I would focus on my breathing and that same sense of calm would return. I had a wonderful labour and delivery, although I opted for the epidural, movements and breathing that I learned in the class made my labouring easier. Quotes
Darla Exley
Mommy at Peace

Quotes I had my bundle of joy on my birthday - the day after yoga - I did the birthing pool at home and the baby arrived within 45 minutes - it was crazy quick!! I used some of the breathing techniques you taught us and the OMs - it was great! Thanks a lot for your support and teaching a wonderful class - take care! Quotes
Hailie M.
Proud Mommy!

Quotes I really like that your classes are always different and that you ask us what we need from our time with you. It really shows your flexiblity and adaptability as you tailor the class to the many needs of the students. It's also nice to know that we can laugh and have fun while trying some of the more challenging postures and that you are right there to assist with hand-on adjustments and positive encouragement. All this and more is what keeps me coming back every week - Thanks! Quotes
Bowmanville, ON

Quotes I started coming to yoga class for the exercise - I keep returning to your classes for so much more! You give me a chance to remind myself and reflect on what's most important in my life - which helps to keep me grounded, focused and moving forward in my life. I always feel so relaxed and inspired to continue to develop and grow. See you at your next class! Quotes
Bowmanville, ON

Quotes I am a 57 year old woman who is new to Yoga. Having Sarah as an instructor has made me come back to her class week after week. She demonstrates as she speaks, comes around to offer individual encouragement, hands-on adjusting and suggestions as to how to do the posture most appropriately for our individual bodies. She also offers an alternate pose to explore if one is too difficult or unavailable to us and is aware of the different stages people in the class are at and makes the class work for all. She is a knowledgeable yoga teacher who is quite flexible to the wishes of people in the class even though she comes very prepared. I wish her continued success and look forward to my next practice session with her. Quotes
Anges S.
Whitby, ON

Quotes You've really helped me think differently about things and helped me come up with some unique ideas about how to improve my most valued relationship. Things I hadn't really considered or thought would work - I'm implementing them as we speak and I feel pretty great about things - I'll keep you posted - thanks again for all your help and can't wait to connect for our coaching session next week! Quotes
Elizabeth H.
R&D, Oshawa

Quotes I had visited the issued we discussed before, so I didn?t expect to make much progress. It surprised me that you gave me a new way of thinking about my issue and I am very pleased with the results! I've been able to take a significant step forward in my life planning! Quotes
Monika W.
Businesswoman, Dubai

Quotes Your ability to actively listen and engage the client in their discovery of what?s truly important to them gives your clients the courage and determination to discover and achieve a life that is meaningful, for them. I would recommend your coaching expertise to anyone looking to balance and align their business and personal goals towards achieving a more rewarding life. Quotes
Petra S.
H.R. Manager, Dubai

Quotes Thanks for hearing me! You always seem to ask just the right question, at the right time! Quotes
M. K.
Educator, Dubai