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Get your hands and body on the world's best soft yoga prop kit, today and you can thank us later!

You'll love the way Rainbow Foameez's soft yoga and wellness

foamies support your body fully, allowing you to focus on your breath so you can address the mind-body work you need to do to transform your health, relieve your pain, fatigue, stiffness all while balancing your emotions and giving you tools for happiness.

Rainbow Foameez is a Canadian-based yoga and wellness product manufacturer and training company specializing in transforming lives using the Rainbow Foameez Restorative Yoga Method, Reiki and the world's best soft yoga prop kit to heal, restore and renew.

We are currently shipping the 5 Piece Yoga Prop Kit in GREY.

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eONE Yoga  - Services and Gift Card Purchases

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1 Month Vibrant Living Coaching Package $675

Yoga Birth Method Energy Wellness Prenatal Workshop for Couples $145

30 Min. EFT / Tapping Coaching Call $125

$25 Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate

$75  Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate

$300 Gift Certificate

Register for Yoga Energy Wellness Events: Classes, Workshops, Retreats 

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Please Text Us to reserve your spot at 289-600-3632. Pre-register early to avoid disappointment!

What to bring: Please bring your own Yoga mat and blanket (if you wish). 

We supply a limited number of props, where available.

Please note: We does not provide refunds or make up classes for any classes students miss. Remember students must register for classes in advance and provide minimum 24 hrs notice for cancellation of session registration or they will be charged for the session in full. 


Retreats and Workshops

Yoga Birth MethodTM Energy Wellness Prenatal Workshop for Couples $145

A must have workshop for every pregnant woman and partner at least once during the pregnancy.


The Yoga Birth MethodTM Energy Wellness Prenatal Class for Couples is like nothing you have seen or experienced before. 

  • Learn specific yoga postures and breathing techniques for use during each stage of labour along with mind techniques and the knowledge you need to make informed decisions as you seek the most natural birth available.
  • Learn skills needed for when baby arrives.
  • Create a deeper connection with your inner self, your partner and baby.

Then we'll give you an energy medicine wellness toolkit for Vibrant Living that your family can draw upon for a life time.

Bonus: Learn Sign Language 

Start communicating with your baby from day one.

Yoga Birth Method Energy Wellness Prenatal Workshop for Couples $145

Class Packages 

Four Week

Yoga Birth Method Prenatal Yoga

Bonus: Learn 

American Sign Language


YOGA ENERGY WELLNESS Single or Multiple Class Packages

Single 1 Hr Class Pass


Pass valid in 2016

5 Class Pass for use with Hatha Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yin/Yang, Yin 1hr sessions 


Pass valid in 2016

Currently not available


5 Class Pass for use with Hatha Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yin/Yang, Yin 1hr sessions for class times between 9:00am-4:00pm


Pass valid in 2016

Currently not available

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NOTE: if you see classes or workshops on the schedule and can't find them here or you have questions or require assistance please contact us at 289-600-3632 or contact us.


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