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  • "I just wanted to say thank you. You have helped me more in one session than all the talk therapy I've done. I use and teach others the tools you taught me. I am truly grateful..."
    Durham Region, Youth Social Worker
  • "Wow, I don't know what to say. I had no idea that my private session with Sarah would include a psychic reading!! I was amazed at the information she brought to the surface. ..."
    Yvonne B.
    Durham Region


Meditation and Positive Thinking

Your mental outlook is of vital importance to your success in every day life.  The Vibrant Living Institute wants to serve as a resource and service facilitator for mental health related concerns particularly in the area of Dementia and Alzhimer's and depression and anxiety as well as covering education and training in the area of auto-immune disorders including thyroid conditions, lupus, MS, and arthritis.  

We also wish to serve as a resource for information including programs and resources within the community that can support you in the areas of weight loss and management, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

Positive thinking is an important step in believing that you have the creative power to change your life at any time.  I know it sounds perhaps cliche if you believe the idea that the power of vibrant living lives in your hands.  It is a living breathing experience that one can have when they allow themselves to let go to a place of surrender to open their heart and mind to a place of knowing to go through the process of releasing and balancing to make room for growing.

Your every day attitude, outlook and focus in life set the vibrational frequency to attract that which you are seeking.  

Your meditation practice can be as simple as taking a minute to set the intention to be totally present with your breath for the next minute.  More importantly than intention your awareness is the key to directing your intention and the energy that is needed to allow a shift in thinking, feeling and knowing.

Through meditation one gains clarity of the desires of the heart and is able to make a shift toward a more vibrant living.  At the Vibrant Living Institute our goals is to give you access to education and events that evolve you.  We aim to teach you life hacks for health, wealth and happiness in a format that meets your modern day needs.

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