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Meet Sarah Kathleen


Sarah Kathleen is the founder of Vibrant Living Institute, an organization and growing community of like-minded women who believe there is a better way to nurture, care for, lead and love ourselves and others.  

Vibrant Living Institute delivers training, coaching and personal development programs that are designed around next-level self-care, stress management and disease prevention methods, strategies, tools and techniques needed today to thrive in health, wealth and happiness in the 21st century. 

With 15 years experience as a health and wellness professional, yoga energy wellness teacher / practitioner, intuitive master healer and NLP professional coach Sarah now focuses on helping single or divorced 40+ Moms who are trying to avoid burnout and build a future while sandwiched between raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones, who are ready to heal the past & remove energy blocks, crush self-doubt & develop unshakeable confidence, and become unstoppable in their life and business.

She is passionate about putting health and healing in her clients hands and empowering them to nurture, care for, lead and love themselves and others with compassion, ease and grace. 

Sarah has developed a number programs and unique healing methods to support her mission including:

  • eONE Yoga™ | the power of ONE, a unique self-care practice that offers her clients and students an opportunity to learn and practice self-healing techniques in her integrated yoga energy wellness self-care home care program. 

  • iEnergy™ Life Sessions, an intuitive energy coaching program that helps her clients work with their intuition, address emotional energy blocks, up-level awareness, reintegrate mind-body connection and shift mindset around becoming unstoppable in their life and business.

  • CHAKRA ER™ is an emotional recalibration method for healing and returning to our Soul's Emotional Setpoint™.  This method allows her clients to heal the past, remove energy blocks, dismantle limiting beliefs, crush self-doubt and develop unshakable confidence. 

She is passionate about putting health and healing in your hands and shares with others: life hacks, tools and techniques for how to care for and evolve their mind-body-spirit experience, in a way that is easy to understand and integrate into every day life.  

In support of her mission Sarah has aligned with The Juice Plus Company, a mission-driven organization that inspires healthy living around the world. 

As an independent partner Sarah serves others as a health and wellness educator and business coach offering access to the world's most researched whole food nutritional supplements, and a year-round soil-less gardening solution that has families taking healthy back!   This partnership also gives ambitious women the opportunity to establish their own business in direct sales as they work to create financial security through developing multiple streams of income, or having a side hustle that helps to bring in additional finances to support the family by providing avenues to grow in freedom, success and happiness. 

Before 2007, Sarah was a successful business owner of a software services and consulting firm.  With a focus on marketing, product design, project management, contact centre operations and customer service Sarah has a love for serving others and designing and developing solutions that create joy and ease in the lives of her clients and their customers.  

Sarah is single, divorced, Mom, with a school-age son who has re-partnered with a loving soul who brings four young adult step-children with him into the fold, bringing her family to a lovely total of seven!

Sarah loves to learn and is on a constant path seeking greater levels of enlightenment that she can share with her immediate and collective families.  A caregiver and healer by nature Sarah has provided whole-being support to ageing loved ones living with Dementia, and Alzheimer's - Dementia and continues to be a leading resource within her family and to her clients, who serve their family as caregiver support/direct caregiver to their ageing loved ones.

Sarah is passionate about helping sandwiched women improve their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health so they can move through the grief, overwhelm, fear and uncertainty of serving a loved one in such a challenging way while avoiding burnout, and having the energy to nurture their children and their relationships all while building a fulfilling and purpose-filled life of health and happiness.

She hopes that the resources, services and programs she offers her clients will be the foundational resources needed to help mom's and women change the way they nurture, cares for, lead and love themselves and their families so they can enjoy greater health and happiness and live with an abundance of ease, vitality and grace as they move through these next phases of their lives, while setting up future generations to live and lead more vibrant lives.

When she is not spending time with her family and close friends, Sarah enjoy painting, researching mind-body-spirit health and wellness and exploring ways to experience and share expanded consciousness and simple ways to take healthy back. 

One of her daily mantras:
“Little-by-little, bit-by-bit we are getting better and better in every way.” ~ Sarah Kathleen

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Sarah offers her audience an interactive and hands-on experience as she shares how natural solutions for health and wellness can heal, empower and evolve you. 

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