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Our Vibrant Life Team includes entrepreneurs, business owners, and raving fans.  


Our Vibrant Life Team of Partners

Inspiring Healthy Living & Building Leaders And Business Owners Along The Way!

Sarah Kathleen

Chief Experiences Officer, 
Leader, Emotional Health Healer,& Coach & Business Coach

Sarah is dedicated to helping women thrive in life and in their health and wellness businesses. 

With almost three decades of working with women in the area of personal development and professional growth, Sarah now focuses on teaching women looking to develop an online business in network marketing how to use their intuition and energy medicine to heal their past and take their power back, realign with their purpose and reclaim their soul, and reduce overwhelm and the risk of burnout so they can crush their personal and professional goals.

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Susan Mercer

Frontline Healthcare Hero 
& Vibrant Living Adventurer

Susan is dedicated to all things fit and fun!

She has travelled the world serving as a Frontline Healthcare Hero for close to three decades and has finally returned home to enjoy family and serve her local community. 
As a busy professional, Susan is always looking for ways to maximize her time and ability to nourish her body and mind with high quality whole foods.

When she's not serving others you can find her exploring her community and surrounding area waterways or nature trails with her partner, David while they plan their next travel adventure!

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Jason Lloyd

Urban Gardening 
& Landscape Design

Jason is dedicated to helping families connect around the dinner table in community and fellowship while enjoying high-quality wholesome foods.  

As a Landscape Architect with over three decades of experience helping families make their homes a safe, healthy and peaceful sanctuary, Jason believes that the urban gardener of today is looking for easy ways to increase food security and provide access to safe, affordable, high-quality produce the whole family can enjoy.  

When he's not cooking with love in the kitchen for his large family, he is serving his community as a volunteer of 151 Chadburn Squadron Air Cadets and helping parents bring simple healthy lifestyle habits home that benefit the whole family.

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More Vibrant Life Team Partners

Inspiring Healthy Living & Building Leaders And Business Owners Along The Way!

Nancy Metcalf

Clinic Director, Owner Wellness Centre & Spa and co-owner of a Retreat Centre
With over 10 years in business and the 2019 top choice Wellness Centre & Spa within the Durham-Clarington Region in Ontario, Nancy is passionate about offering natural solutions for health and happiness.

When she's not at the Wellness Centre working with clients and supporting her team of independent health and wellness professionals, you can find Nancy helping out her family with farm chores, and planning her next growth strategy.

Stephanie Murphy-Gates

Legal Professional, Urban Gardener & Healthy Living Heart-Lead Inspirer

Stephanie is proving that growing food all year round can be a wonderful way to provide nutritious high-quality food for her whole family.  She loves the peace of mind she gets knowing where her family's produce comes from and that they can enjoy greater food security for generations to come because she chose to 'SAY YES' to enjoying healthy living.

When she is not spending time with family and friends she is serving her community through her local church

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~ The Four Year Career, by Richard Bliss Brooke

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